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Hello Queens!

Announcing Shapes by O'MAK DESIGNS. 

O'makdesigns is excited to announce the new Shapes by O'Mak body undergarments to enhance the bodily confidence of every woman.

Running a successful clothing line for several years, we have come to understand that some of the factors affecting the image of the woman are our body types especially post a result of this, a lot of women have lost confidence or fallen into depression in the fight to gain back their body.

Lack of proper undergarments has largely been attributed to how a garment fits on a woman ..hence in our commitment to empowering women all over, we have tirelessly worked several nights and day to ensure we come out with the best shapewear suitable for all body types in our quest to build back the deserving image of every woman.


The O'mak shapewear is made from the finest materials, works so powerfully yet so gentle to the skin......instantly contours the body. Whether you're wearing it to run errands, at work, or to work out, you can be sure your answer to your best body just got answered. 


Waste no more's time to get the face to body you deserved. 


Happy shopping!


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